Education – Are we doing enough?


A collection of links related to the Climate Emergency.

Education: Are we doing enough?

Global News: Climate Change Education in Alberta

National Post: Saskatchewan has the best climate change curriculum in the country, study finds

Seth Wynes: Seth Wynes, a former high school science teacher who studies climate change mitigation at UBC, said his team went through the curriculums of every province and interviewed some of their creators to see if their climate change content accurately communicated all facets of the issue.

Seth Wynes outlines components of climate change education:

It’s climate, the foundational principles for climate science
It’s warming, the basic concept that the climate is warming and observations to accompany this idea.

It’s us, humans and anthropogenic emissions are the cause of the majority of global warming.

Experts agree, establishing that there is no debate that climate change is real, significant and human caused.

It’s bad, expressing the dire consequences of climate change.

We can fix it, focusing on solutions to the climate crisis