About Kim

 I live in British Columbia. I am a mum to four kids, an elementary school teacher and I love children’s picture books and children’s literature.

Reading aloud is the gateway for children into literacy and to becoming life-long readers.  Reading to babies, toddlers and preschoolers builds that very foundation before they even graduate to Kindergarten!

Children’s literacy success is linked to reading aloud, so I read to my students every day in the classroom and to the children in my life as often as I can.  Children need to feel excited about reading to become real readers. Good books lead to good conversations!  It’s important to give children opportunity to participate in discussions about what they read and to learn to think critically about the text.

Critical readers consider various perspectives and explanations in what they read and then draw their own conclusions.  Children can learn at an early age how to unpack stories and to read between the lines of those stories.   With new insight, and thoughtful reflection, critical readers grow up to take action in their lives and learn to see there are alternative ways of being and acting in the world.

On the Resource page on this site, I list several books that include literature on the importance and life-long benefits of reading aloud to children and teaching children to become critical readers.

As a writer, I do much of my pondering over story ideas while walking through the forest of this beautiful province.  This is the place I do my thinking – writing – new ideas creating – revisions – relaxing – and finding peace in my heart.  All around me nature has been creating, building and re-building on those creations…I am inspired everyday when I am among the trees.


Out in the forest with my dog Oliver!