My Books

I have spent 30 years reading books to children and now, as an emerging writer of children’s literature, I am excited to share two of three picture book titles here on submission…I am currently working on another two manuscripts.

A Girl Saw a Beetle

A girl saw a beetle… “bzzz…hhhmmm…click…bzzz…hhhmmm…click” …So she followed the hum of beetle wings into a forest.  Curiosity and wonder pull Olivia deeper into the trees, and in return, the trees kindly share their secrets. She peeks into the tiny world in a bead of water, visits with a family of mushrooms, leaps across a shimmering brook and embraces a Mother tree. But suddenly, she discovers something has forever changed in the heart of the forest…and just as suddenly, something in the heart of Olivia changes too.

The Jack-O-Lantern Gleamed

As four children prepare for Halloween night, all is quiet… quiet, that is, until the sun dips low into dusk on Halloween night…One by one ghoulish creatures come haunting! Something strange flies in the dark! And who is the spooky spectre lighting the Jack-O-Lantern near the old oak tree?